World Unification

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Earth's (shared) social network, home of Democracy 2.0 and the World Unification Network - Live, Love, Unite!

Join our room on Matrix! (app)

If you prefer to use your web browser use this link instead: (web browser)

Instructions for using our Matrix server

The web browser link (which uses the web version of Element) is not recommended for smartphones. For the app link we recommend Element. If you don't have Element pick the option to download and install it.

For the Element app change your Homeserver to: before logging in or creating an account.

BACKUP KEYS!: INSTRUCTIONS FOR ELEMENT If you haven't done so after creating you're account open the menu on the upper left (if you didn't upload a picture it will have the first letter of your username), go to "Security & Privacy" then scroll down to "Secure Backup", under that click "Set up", click "Generate a Security Key", click continue. Copy and past that key into your password manager and label it Security Key. (KeePass is a great password manager) (Make sure you click save in the password manager.) Click Continue. In a minute it will say the backup was successful so then you are all set.

The World Unification Network was originally founded back in 2007. In February 2023 it was reborn like the Phoenix. It is still a work in progress and as always we welcome any feedback and support. After all this is a community effort to heal the world, so we can look towards a brighter future.

One Day by Matisyahu

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